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Columbus OH Concrete

Concrete Contractors Columbus Ohio

workers are using a shovel to level the concrete to be flat.

Our expert and licensed concrete contractors here in Columbus Ohio are excited to welcome you to the best in the concrete patio, driveway, and walkway business. We have been serving the Ohio community with a commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Transforming your exterior spaces is what lies at the heart of our company and approaches enabling us to achieve incredibly stunning results no matter if you are upgrading your existing patio or installing brand new retaining walls. Our clients love our natural styles and themes that are accompanied by a workmanship guarantee.  Your one and only partner in quality outdoor additions.

About Us

A concrete company that specializes in patio, driveway, paver, and much much more! And we specialize in an affordable and high-quality way because we do a few things above board. We are licensed and certified, source leading solutions and technologies and we have been in the business for almost a decade. Our installations are precise, packs aesthetic appeal, and delivers on functionality. We have never made a claim or promise we can't keep. From design and choosing the perfect material to mix and stamping concrete we liaise with our clients to achieve exceptional end-results. Be prepared to be impressed by the concrete way.

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    Our Services

    Our services are nothing short of excellence. And have we mentioned how we have the best concrete contractors in Columbus Ohio? All our services are budget-friendly and come with a workmanship guarantee. This means you will never have a sub-standard contractor working on your steps or stairs, patio, or retaining walls. Why not invest in some extraordinarily curb appeal with our diverse service offerings and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship? You will have all the curves or straight you desire because we source all our products and solutions the responsible way. Our testimonials speak volumes about our wide range of concrete services. Book a consultation today and start designing tomorrow.

    a house concrete driveway
    outdoor chairs and tables
    a concrete stair way

    Here at COOH Concrete in Columbus Ohio, we protect our clients against costly repairs and replacements with our state-of-the-art maintenance plan and advice. Our professional and skilled team of contractors install with your home's exterior structures in mind. Not only do we slope for proper drainage, but we follow best finishing practices to ensure that your concrete driveway will last a lifetime.  The best concrete driveways Columbus style. Inquire about our driveways that never disappoint by giving us a call.

    Our attention to detail certainly sets us apart from other concrete patio contractors. We work according to a motto of sprucing up your patio stylishly and lavishly with our impressive range of patio styles and themes. Plus, we stamp so that you can enjoy a natural stone look minus the expense. Hire us to create the focal point for making those cookout memories you can cherish forever. Simply dial our main service number and book a patio consultation.

    landscaping showing walkway flower bed and green lawn
    a concrete brick patio paving
    tiered retaining wall with hosta and shrubs

    Our concrete steps make for incredible prominent features to any building's entryway - whether you own a commercial or residential property our edgy methods and techniques are reliable and trustworthy. And to top, it all of we can extend your stairs into a walkway connecting your home and driveway for a more tied-in look. Plus, we cover all bases including safety. Our step and stair finish not only enhance durability they ensure that your walk surfaces are non-skid.

    With a plethora of design options, we can achieve those dreamy landscape walkways that will make your property stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. Our walkway contractors can repair, replace, and install. Additionally, we can achieve almost any color scheme imaginable whilst not putting a dent in your pocket. Now you can finally have that inviting appeal your landscape has lacked just let us know how much square footage you need to be transformed.

    a retaining wall at a residential home
    walkway in the city park is made of artificial stone rectangular shape gray color
    a concrete sidewalk with green grass on side

    Loving and adoring our paving solutions is easy. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors that we can arrange in a variety of ways. From clay cobble to decorative - uniquely laid according to our clients' requirements. We also are the experts in commercial paving, installing top-quality pavers for high traffic spaces. Not only will your pavers have the aesthetic appeal they will perform their functions around your business optimally.

    Tired of gardening and wasting most of your time on cleaning up spilling crumbs of stone and soil? Then our retaining wall solutions are the answer. We know that you could probably DIY, but we strongly advise against it - choosing the right material is key and each slope requires a good solid scope to ensure that your gradients are filled to perfection. This can only be achieved with our professional team of concrete contractors.

    “What a great company. The contractor was very knowledgeable about the color scheme of our new driveway. It was of absolute importance to match the exterior of our home with our new driveway. It was very easy to book a consultation. Great customer service from beginning to end. Plus, our new driveway is flawless - very impressed with the quality craftsmanship". - Noel, M.

    “I couldn't thank the team at COOH Concrete enough. They have a wide range of materials and solutions to choose from and it is evident that they used industry-approved materials for my stunning patio. I thought the project would take weeks and cost me a fortune. When they say that their services are of premium quality and very affordable, they are most certainly not making any false claims". - James, F.

    “Wow! I had imagined a stunning backyard oasis with a natural look and feel. The team at COOH Concrete made my vision come to life. Hosting dinner parties never ceases to impress my neighbors and they always compliment me on how my walkway guides. Very impressed with the edges as well. I have referred a few of my friends that love landscaping". – Holmes, H.

    Contact Us Today

    We have an exceptionally well trained and experienced in-house team that deals with all customer service related queries and questions - and they do so promptly. Overwhelmed by all the color and style choices, they can assist in assigning the right contractors for your specific concrete needs. We bet once we install your driveway, you will hire us for your patio and walkways too. There is no other concrete company in Columbus Ohio that communicates like we do - attentively and assuringly. To get in touch, you can fill out our online contact form with all your concrete details and we will swiftly assign a contractor to complete a consultation and supply you with a no-obligation quote.