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Retaining Walls

a retaining wall at a residential home

Do you own a graded landscape? Have you been struggling to level out? We are your got to for retaining walls in Columbus Ohio. Our retaining wall products and solutions have been carefully crafted for all grade change no matter how steep. Our concrete contractors work in close alignment with clients to establish what their retaining wall needs are and which materials best suit their landscape levels. We never cease to impress with our retaining wall approach as compromise is not part of our lexicon. Executing your vision is what we commit ourselves to. Completing each project well under budget whilst highlighting the key areas of your outdoor spaces.

What is a retaining wall?

The main reason retaining walls exist is to fight erosion as it keeps the soil from spilling over, giving your garden a neat and tidy appearance. Now you can landscape without having to constantly deal with access soil. Being experts in installing retaining walls, we always check for buried utility lines, and if the run-off is proper. Apart from its erosion fighting capabilities, retaining walls are perfect for turning unusable or sloped parts of your landscape into areas you can enjoy. Just think of all the wonderful additions your property can consist of like a lovely new patio or zen garden.

Choosing materials.

Probably the trickiest part of all - choosing the material that is right for your retaining wall features. Before we get our hands dirty, we assess the current theme of your home's exterior. What you want is a color and style that compliments the look of your existing structures. If done correctly, aesthetic enhancement is what you will get. You can never go wrong with the all-natural look. If you have pavers installed, we will create your retaining wall design to match. Send us a few pictures when you log your details online and we will give you a retaining wall call back.

How we install.

Although we Americans are known for our exceptional DIY skills and capabilities - you should rather hire us, experts, here at COOH Columbus Ohio. Our contractors will get the job done successfully every time. This holds especially true for retaining walls on steeply slopes and if you are installing a retaining wall that's more than a few feet tall. Our outstanding construction skills are unrivaled in the retaining wall business, a claim all our clients can vouch for. Plus, we ensure that we adhere to all building regulations prescribed in the state. And also think of the time you will save if you avoid the DIY.

Why wall it?

As we have mentioned, nobody likes gardening if you constantly have to remove crumbles of rock and dirt. Or maybe you have an interest in architectural styles that require retaining walls to accomplish style and sophistication. Now spilling and piling is a thing of the past - our gravity walls, cantilever walls and much much more will function optimally to ensure that things never spill or pile again. It is not only about practicality, in essence, it is about aesthetics. Take a look at ou retaining wall installations and we promise they all hit the aesthetic nail right on the head.

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