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walkway in the city park is made of artificial stone rectangular shape gray color

Paving services in the states are not scarce. However, finding the right paving company in Columbus Ohio can be a massive challenge. Luckily your search has ended. The COOH Concrete team can provide you with world class paving services and concepts at very affordable rates. Having a reputable company with a solid track record means that you will understand all the paving options out there and that you end up with a high-quality paving end-result for your home. We are all this and more due to our years of experience in the industry just ask all our satisfied customers.

Cement paving

An ideal paving option for driveways. It has been designed to withstand the weight of vehicles with ease and will provide you with maximum visual impact. Such a wonderful investment all around. Great for both residential and commercial applications. Should you like what you here simply fill out our online contact form and we will gladly discuss all the cement paving solutions we have on offer and how these solutions can help you grow your property's value while reserving an area for your other valuable assets. Not certain if this is the right material for your new driveway? Browse through our gallery, you will be in paving awe.

Clay cobble & decorative.

Apart from our well sought after cement paving solutions, we specialize in clay cobble and decorative patterns. Clay cobble is a firm favorite and for very good reason - it provides its owners with a classic sophisticated appearance. Plus, it is super cost-effective, and just like its cement counterpart, it is ideal for both home and business spaces. And now for the grand finale, decorative paving. Decorative painting allows you to create a brand new personality for your spaces. Although, it comes with a higher price tag, the type of layout design patterns are not scarce. Give us a call and we will gladly expose you to what your future driveway could look like.

Accentuate your pool & garden.

Apart from providing driveway paving installations, the team here at COOH concrete has completed various projects for adding those finishing touches to a pool or assisting in creating lavishly landscaped outdoor spaces. Our flagstone paving is perfect for accentuating your pool or garden. They are square or rectangular in shape and laid down in different variants for aesthetic appeal. These pavers are larger than other paving types like interlocking pavers or brick paving. Due to the sheer size them they allow for bold accents and statements. What is a pool or garden without a paver?

Commercial paving.

It is the small things in life that matter most - in this case the bigger paving things too. Apart from sprucing up your pool or garden, our expert concrete contractors can transform public and semi-public areas such as complexes, hotels, and supermarkets. We know all too well that these areas require a bigger than the normal type of support due to the sheer volume of people entering these places. Upkeeping these areas with our commercial paving service has now become a whole lot easier. Our commercial paving products and solutions just last so much longer making maintenance a breeze.

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