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Concrete Walkways

a concrete sidewalk with green grass on side

COOH Concrete will help you replace, design, or repair. All our walkways are customizable and make your property stand out from the crowd. We source the responsible way, using materials from suppliers that are known for their quality and industry-approved approaches. Concrete walkways are installed by cutting corners, but when it comes to our walkway services, we don't cut any. What is at the heart of our business? Quality, integrity, and excellent walkway customer service. These core principles guide how we replace, repair, and design ensuring that each walkway is something you can be proud of.

Design options part 1.

We boast a plethora of designs for your new walkway project. Ideal for backyards or the area leading up to your front door - straight path. Straight path screams clean and formal, a simple practical design that is easy to install or repair. If you have a stunning garden and like to entertain guests then the curved path is a great match. When installed the professional and skilled way a curved path creates an organic and guided impression. Now all your guests can enjoy a lovely tour of your landscapes. Also, a wonderful way to enhance al fresco dining experiences if you are a restaurant owner.

Design options part 2.

All the colors of the rainbow aka the colored path. Colored concrete can be used in combination with a straight or curved walkway design. At times, walkways can appear disconnected from the main color scheme of your building, and now you won't have that issue. We are the experts in transforming your walkway into almost any color imaginable - matching to your home's exterior will definitely be accomplished. This is what curb appeal means. And for a more loving and inviting feeling our stamped walkways can resemble natural stone. Schedule a no-obligation quote today.

Cost of concrete walkways.

With us, there are no hidden costs or added concrete surprises. Your remodeling budget will never go overboard as well inform our clients so that they understand each element of installation and repair costs. As we are an experienced and licensed concrete company, we know which factors affect costs and can help you to get the pricing you expect. The size of the surface and the concrete product you opt for will be big determiners in the pricing department. Simply fill out our online contact form by punching in the square footage and we will provide you with a breakdown.

Why concrete wins every time.

Poured concrete is well adored and loved for its high durability and resistance to erosion. It can last decades if installed by our professional and trained concrete contractors before repairs or replacement would be necessary. Whilst the slab dries, there exists a high degree of materials that can be added to the mix for inlays and texturing. Details are important and that is how we tackle any size project - you will love your new walkway without a doubt. For turns, poured concrete conforms easily which makes the need for cutting or shaping redundant. Sounds good right? Get a quote today.

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