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Concrete Steps & Stairs

a concrete stair step

Concrete steps or terraced stairs make for incredible prominent features to any building's entryway. We can create dramatic focal points with our concrete steps and stairs solutions. These solutions can also be combined with stamped or stained concrete walkways for greater visual impact as these solutions are available in coordinated colors and patterns. Apart from our stamped and stained stocks, we can precast. And for convenience, we can build your steps of the site and install them when you aren't expecting any guests. Start creating your functional step and stair design by getting in touch with one of our concrete step contractors here in Columbus Ohio.

Choose a color scheme.

Our experts are clued up on all the popular methods and techniques for adding color and staining. We also know how to apply dry-shake and color hardener - your steps and stairs have never been in more reliable and trustworthy concrete hands. Each method comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the location of your steps and the reason for installation. Concrete porch steps are easier to colorfy, due to how they are vertically positioned. If you want it, we can shake for a more durable outcome. It is all about mixing to the right consistency for an elevated look and feel.

Stamped concrete patterns.

We stock hundreds of stamp patterns ranging from cobblestone to botanical themes. When our professional installers mold, we do so from the actual material - meaning that your mimic will produce amazing results. For a more overall impressive appearance, we do suggest that you combine your steps with an extended walkway. We use only state-of-the-art tools and technologies like pliable urethane mats and texture rollers when imprinting stone-like textures. Browse over our gallery and check out the imprints you desire for your new stair and steps project. Next, give us a call and we will start mixing your concrete cake icing.

It is all in the finish.

Our exposed aggregate finish option can help our clients achieve even more spectacular effects at a very reasonable cost. The decorative aggregate has been developed to achieve unlimited color and texture variations. One thing we are certain of here at COOH Concrete in Columbus Ohio is the fact that our clients can't ever complain about is having limited choices. Another excellent benefit of aggregating is that its contrasts beautifully with plain concrete. And because we make our client's safety a priority, we believe in finishing off to ensure that your steps and stairs are nonskid, weather-resistant, and heavy foot traffic ready.

Types of step edges.

Let's move away from those standard sharp 90-degree step edges with a more curved architectural profile. Our professional and skilled concrete contractors have undergone rigorous step liner training and we source only the best polystyrene foam from our suppliers. These foam forms are adhered to the inside of the formwork and can achieve any type of step height. Plus, our expert and trained contractors can bend for a more conformed curvilinear step appeal. With us here at COOH Concrete the masters of concrete in Columbus Ohio, your steps will pack some extra curvy punch giving you custom bragging rights.

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