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Concrete Patios

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No home is a real home without the lovely addition of a concrete patio. It's a place for family gatherings, enjoying a morning coffee, and having a good old cookout. We will ensure with our quality concrete patio installations that your patio becomes the scene of many treasured memories for years to come. You really can't go wrong with our patios here at COOH Concrete Ohio as we install with wear and tear in mind. Schedule a consultation and experience our commitment to providing risk-free and trustworthy estimates. Plus, we can stamp to giving our clients all the benefits of concrete patios.

Our concrete patios.

The benefits of concrete patios include durability, low-maintenance, and strength. We believe so much in concrete that we have developed an installation guarantee. That's right, you can now rest assured that your patio will last for years and years. Our designs can be uniquely tailored to our clients' requests and match the appearance of any property type. All you have to do is pick your decorative design and we promise to deliver on quality every time. Looking for something a bit polished or thinking let's keep it sleek and simple? Or why not go for a mimic look? Designing and building to any specifications are what makes our business stand out in the Columbus Ohio concrete crowd.

Spruce it up!

Our methods and tools are not only perfect for installation, but their advanced nature means that we can splice up any concrete patio surface that has sustained some damages. After we have completed an inspection and have established that replacement is not necessary, our skilled contractors will make your outdated patio appear brand new. Stamped concrete is a great solution that enables our team to avoid slab replacement decreasing project completion time - taking the labor out of construction. Inquire about our resurfacing solutions and find out how we can eliminate cracks, stains, and splits. Sprucing it up the marvelous way!

Advantages of concrete patios.

Something we will mention constantly is the benefits of opting for concrete as a patio solution. We have touched on durability and strength. Have we mentioned that concrete is an environmentally friendly product? Concrete when installed doesn't require treatment with harmful chemicals and can withstand any storm. Another added benefit is its versatile nature. Concrete can be molded into any type of shape - giving your outdoor landscape some attractive features. And with the use of stains, we can accomplish just about any complementation colors that tie your home and patio in. Making gray the new black.

We have a maintenance approach.

Why is concrete easy to maintain? Because we at COOH Concrete believe in providing our clients with a concrete patio maintenance plan. And seeing that concrete patios are one solid surface there is no need for grouting individual pavers or natural stone units. Plus, concrete is safer as it doesn’t settle unevenly. All you have to do to ensure that your concrete patio withstands the test of time - is to book an annual maintenance inspection. We will provide you with all the facts and info needed to DIY maintenance avoiding those costly repairs. The experts in concrete structures maintaining every step of the way.

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