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Concrete Driveways

onstruction home exterior with contemporary house plan features gray wood siding stone columns and two garage spaces

We pride ourselves on the workmanship of our concrete driveways. Our expert concrete contractors have established themselves as the most sought-after concrete contractors in Columbus Ohio. Seeking to add some personality and flair to your driveway? Then our border and pattern options will not cease to impress. Take a sneak peek at our gallery and see for yourself why our driveway projects are the best in the concrete business. We carefully source and select our tools and materials. They are certified and industry approved. Additionally, we install driveways effectively and efficiently with minimum disruptions to your home or business routine.

Budget-friendly driveways.

Not only is a new driveway a manner in which to add some appeal to your property, but it also drives up the value of your property. Our driveway solutions are affordable, just because we know how to work effectively and efficiently, we can help you stay well under budget. So why not opt for our driveway installation service and reap the benefits of both aesthetics and investment - add some curb appeal whilst turning your money into golden slabs of concrete. Plus, our installation with proper maintenance means that your driveway will last a lifetime. Give us a call today and begin installation tomorrow.

Going concrete.

Choosing concrete for your driveway construction is an easy choice. Why? You can pressure wash it clean within minutes and maintaining your driveway has never been this convenient. Besides, concrete is much more affordable than its other driveway counterparts and when it comes to durability concrete takes the number one spot - meaning it will last for many years to come no matter the traffic it endures. Concrete compared to other driveway materials like gravel and asphalt also packs more aesthetic appeal. Book a consultation today and find out how COOH Concrete can transform your Columbus driveway.

We repair and replace it.

It is estimated that a properly installed and maintained driveway should last for a minimum of 20 years. After being in the concrete business for such a lengthy period, we have seen concrete installations gone haywire. No fear when the team concrete experts are near. We can repair any improper concrete installation or do a complete overhaul if your concrete driveway is not salvageable. All our repairs and installations are earmarked by quality workmanship and accurate joint practices. Plus, we apply a coated finish for a longer lifespan. With our installations, you never have to worry about drainage, our sloping skills are top-notch.

Professional installations.

We are without a doubt the best concrete contractors in Columbus Ohio. We have spent more than 10 years perfecting our driveways, patios, and pavements for both residential and commercial clients. Our mission for every driveway is to provide a safe and stable surface that boasts tons of curb appeal. With our skills and knowledge, installation is done quickly. Our team of concrete professionals can create custom driveway designs for any shape, size, or placement. It is all in the preparation of the area you seek to convert into a driveway and using only top-quality concrete mixtures. Improve the look of your home or business with our professional installations.

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